How to clean carburetors without harsh chemicals? Build a “Soda Blaster”!

That’s right make a soda blaster and blast the grease and grime off your parts. We all know that the chemical cleaners are not what they once were and most still use harsh chemicals that you can’t rinse down the sink.  A Soda Blaster is basically a sand blaster using BAKING SODA – completely safe and harmless and cheap! We all likely have some baking soda in our kitchen cupboards already!

The Soda Blaster uses a simple venturi tube (piece of plastic tubing) on the end of your compressor air gun the other in the box of baking soda. The Low pressure created in the venturi draws the baking soda up the tube where the high pressure air fires it at the target – safely blasting away the grime. Any residual baking soda is simply rinsed away as it is dissolves in water.

The following link has a great step by step guide to making a Soda Blaster, check it out.

As with any device that uses compressed air – proper safety protection should always be worn.

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Hello, My name is Andy Bethel and on behalf of the Cutter’s Choice team I would like to welcome you to our blog site. We will strive to provide Woodcutters, Arborists, Landscapers, and even the Do-It-Yourselfers with current and relative information to assist you in this most amazing industry!




Why does my trimmer line keep breaking so easily?

Trimmer Line Breaking? Soak it in water! Believe it or not Nylon trimmer line is Hygroscopic.

Trimmer line will lose moister and become brittle over the winter. Before the season starts drop that old spool of line in a bucket of water and let it sit. You will be surprised how it will help, works great for your fishing line to.

Also, if you find .065 or .080 line isn’t lasting long. I’ve modified my spools to accept .095 line. What a difference in its longevity!

Can I put a small chain on a big bar?

I have been asked lately for 3/8 mini or Lo profile rip chains to fit 24” bars? Used for milling lumber. Interesting will it work? Why small chain on such powerful saws.

Turns out this is becoming more popular, people are finding that their saws are cutting faster, much faster. The finish of the lumber is smoother and the there are some savings in waste and chain cost. The LP chain cuts a narrower kerf so less load on the saw. In fact Logsol have a recommended combination of Pico chain and sprocket for their mills. The jury is out on whether you need a special sprocket to run LP on bigger saws but in theory 3/8 full size and 3/8 LP are the same pitch.

Here are some links with more information. milling.html