How do I sharpen chainsaw chain with an electric sharpener so that the left and right cutters are equal?

Uneven sharpening of left and right cutters with an electric sharpener is a common problem that is easily resolved with this little tip. To ensure even cutter sharpening it is imperative that the center of the electric sharpening stone is lined up with the center of the vise.








I simply use a round chain saw file clamped perpendicular in the vice so that I can easily see how the vice aligns to the centre of the sharpening stone. The file should be centered equally on the sharpening stone retaining bolt.














If the file does not line up with the center of the sharpening stone, use the adjustment screw on the vice (see arrow in picture) to adjust the alignment so that it does.







With your sharpening stone now centered to your vice both your left and right cutters will sharpen the same! I hope this helps and don’t forget to tilt the vice 10% for those chisel cutters!