Do I need to “break in” my lawnmower Electric Clutch?


Electric Clutch


Yes, you should “break in” an electric clutch!

A new clutch on your riding mower should be run through a break in process or what is commonly called BURNISHING. This process helps to prepare the clutch surfaces and hence will help to extend the life of the electric clutch. It’s quite a simple process and will only take a few minutes to perform.

  1. Start your mower with clutch disengaged, increase throttle to about 50%
  2. Engage clutch for 10 seconds then disengage clutch
  3. Repeat this five times
  4. Now increase throttle to approximately 75%
  5. Engage and disengage your clutch for an additional 5 times
  6. Check the blade and clutch bolt torque and you are ready to start cutting

Electric clutches aren’t cheap so it is well worth the few minutes of effort to help extend the life of your new electric clutch.