Are there any ”environmentally friendly” chain saw oils?

For sure! And a great choice for Mother Nature!

Bio-degradable saw chain and bar oil is formulated to be nontoxic, clean, renewable and even considered by some – a better overall lubricant then the petroleum based product. We all know that chain oil is a critical part of any chain saws effective and safe operation. Unfortunately, the method of applying this lubricant on a chain saw is considered a “total loss lubricating system” process. This means that all of the lubricant ends up in the environment – either sprayed all over the work area or mixed in with the saw dust. Not a nice way to treat Mother Nature!

Bio-degradable oils like Laser TerraSafe Oil is a high quality biodegradable bar and chain saw lubricant formulated with the best optimized biotechnology using USA-grown natural seed oil that is specifically engineered and recommended for use in all types of chain saws. This oil replaces and mixes freely with petroleum-based bar and chain oils and is suitable in both automatic and manual lubrication applications.

Bio-degradable oils are a superior choice for chain saw lubrication with good lubricity, a high flash point, non-irritating to the skin, but best of all – 100% biodegradable. In fact, Bio-oils are often required when cutting on government land because it is aquatically non-toxic as well!





Bio-degradable oils – good for your saw – great for the environment!