What size grinding wheel do I need for sharpening my chain saw chain ?

A lot of customers get confused on the thickness of the grinding wheel to use on their chain saw chain when it needs sharpening.

Most chain saw bench grinder sharpeners have two thickness of grinding wheels available for grinding chain saw ‘cutters’ and chain saw ‘rakers’.




For the cutters, the 1/8” thick wheel is used for ¼”, 3/8 LP ( Low Profile) and .325 pitch chain while the 3/16” thick wheel is used on standard 3/8 and .404 pitch chain.

There is a lot of confusion out there because of the sharpening round file sizes and the thickness of a sharpening grinding wheel. For example – a .325 pitch chain uses a 3/16” round file but a 1/8” thick grinding wheel. I can be confusing but if you always check before you sharpen you won`t get it wrong!

Later I will have a blog on using a grinding wheel for the chain saw chain ‘rakers’.

Happy sharpening!