How to clean carburetors without harsh chemicals? Build a “Soda Blaster”!

That’s right make a soda blaster and blast the grease and grime off your parts. We all know that the chemical cleaners are not what they once were and most still use harsh chemicals that you can’t rinse down the sink.  A Soda Blaster is basically a sand blaster using BAKING SODA – completely safe and harmless and cheap! We all likely have some baking soda in our kitchen cupboards already!

The Soda Blaster uses a simple venturi tube (piece of plastic tubing) on the end of your compressor air gun the other in the box of baking soda. The Low pressure created in the venturi draws the baking soda up the tube where the high pressure air fires it at the target – safely blasting away the grime. Any residual baking soda is simply rinsed away as it is dissolves in water.

The following link has a great step by step guide to making a Soda Blaster, check it out.

As with any device that uses compressed air – proper safety protection should always be worn.