How do I check if I have spark?

Hi all of you DIY’ers!

Here is a link to a great video from Don The Small Engine Doctor who clearly shows how to safely check for spark on a small engine. In the diagnosis of a small engine “no start” issue there can ONLY be 3 thinks that can go wrong to prevent the engine from starting:

  1. Electrical – No Spark
  2. Fuel – No fuel flow to create a combustible fuel air mix
  3. Mechanical – No compression in the cylinder – no power to drive the piston down.

Of course you can have more than one of these issues at a time to cause a “no start” condition but if you work through each one you will find what the issues are. By far a “no spark” / “no fuel” condition is the most common issue with a small engine “no start” condition.

How to check for spark on a small engine.


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