What is tire ply? Should I use “2 ply” tires or “4 ply” tires? What’s the difference?

Ply rating, in regard to small power product tires, is the number of nylon, polyester or even steel cord layers that are embedded under the rubber tread of a tire. You can’t see these various ply layers but they are important to ensure that the tire can handle its published rating. The number and type of ply plays a major role in the performance and load carrying capacity of a tire. There are differences between tires with different number of ply. A 4 Ply tire is more resistant to punctures, can take more load, and take tire repair better than a 2 ply. A 2 ply tire is usually less expensive than a 4 ply, can’t take as much load as a higher ply tire and tends to flex more when hot.

When shopping for replacement tires for your small power product it is always best to acquire the exact tire that is recommended by the manufacturer. It is not advisable to replace a tire with a lesser ply tire.